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I have developed an app called ‘Cancer Connection’, its aim is to create a supportive network for cancer patients and anyone affected by cancer. Users of the app can chat amongst themselves, whilst feeling safe and supported.

What is cancer?

Cancer a word used to describe a group of diseases, each one has its own name, for example, skin, lung and breast cancer. Each has an individual type of treatment.


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About Me

Being diagnosed with cancer is so life-changing, it brings up emotions, questions and insecurities many of us didn’t even know we had. The transition is a very personal one, it truly affects how you look, see and feel about everything in your world.

In hospital whilst waiting to start my chemo (they had to repair my broken neck first). I struggled to find information regarding breaking the news to loved ones, my kids in particular.
I have developed an app called ‘Cancer Connect’. Its aim is to create a supportive network where cancer patients and anyone affected by cancer can chat amongst themselves, and feel safe and supported. One can choose not to give their real name if they do not wish to.

My hope is that you, the user, will feel supported and loved; whilst gaining strength and help to accept the situation and regain balance again in your life.

I have observed whilst in the chemo waiting room that people do want to talk. The differences between us seem to melt away as soon as a conversation starts. Patients (and families) really like to make a connection, and enjoy meaningful conversations with others (who are also in the same or similar situation).

I believe that by people sharing their personal experiences in an empowering, supportive and safe place, this can only lead to personal and spiritual growth.
The aim of my app is to serve as a catalyst for healing, growth, and personal empowerment all while building friendships and relationships.

What our people say about Cancer Connection

“Olive Shaughnessy’s life changed forever in 2014. Her real time account of how she dealt with the devastating news and subsequent treatment provides a deeply rewarding insight for those who have never had to face such adversity and those who have”

Aiden Devittorthopaedic surgeon in Galway University Hospital: