Well Hello to all my dear friends,

And yet again I begin apologies to you for the delay in this blog, life is busy with kids off on summer holidays and I am trying hard to spend as much time as I possibly can with them, we have done a fun timetable for our days.

Movie Monday, Travelling Tuesday (visit nanna, grandad, granny etc, if I am not in for chemo), wonder of a book Wednesday (change library book and spend time reading, minimize technology) Arts and craft Thursday, Friends Friday (have a friend over) Saturday and Sunday we try and keep as family days, (not always possible, lots of birthday parties on Saturday, which is great, we also do baking and cooking on Saturday, with the kids taking turn to pick their favorite dinner and then they cook it, and we grade it – come dine with me job.

This timetable is good fun and they seem to enjoy the bit of structure and plan for the day, I know it works for me,  it takes the pressure of me in trying to do a bit of everything, completing nothing, this structure keep them happy and smiling, mum and kids alike. x

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OMG, one week now since the book launch and I am still literally walking on air. It was simply an incredible day, night and weekend!

Any of you dear people who attended on the night, will know what I am talking about. It was magic. From 6:30pm onwards, people started to arrive and continued to right into the night. Over 500 people attended!

I am proud to say it was a night of celebration, lots of smiles and laughter, wonderful music from our terrific D.J Corky, I was surrounded by my family and friends, what more could a girl possibly ask for?

The book ‘My Olive Branch, My Second Chance’ has not only changed my life, but from the feedback I have received over the last few days, I believe it may be changing the lives of the readers. The amount of texts/messages from the readers telling me that I have influenced them and their lives in a positive way was just incredible.


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