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Timetable of Life
by mycoffaith
sorry this was ready as you will read, but olive forgot to post it ! sorry, hope ye enjoy.

Hello all,
It is now 11 minutes after 12 on a thurs night/Friday morning, and I am sitting at my pc and decided to have a look at the book reviews on the book, it has brought tears to my eye the lovely reviews I have gotten, I am so excited about the next book pg launched at Christmas, my dear friends/committee have been working hard proof reading it and we are hoping to do a few session of wicking when the little chickens get back to school next Monday (holy cow, where did the summer go?).
John – my first born, started secondary school last Monday and thank God he just loves it, scoring a 10 out of 10 every day, pleasure to mum’s ears, its a beautiful school, and the staff are just lovely, – friendly and warm, I had to go to the office already (some things never change, right Sinead and Laura, I know well there is smirks on them faces) well no not for me, well kinda – I forgot to give john his lunch money and had to bring it in for him, I am sure he was delighted to be call out on intercom on first day,”could john Shaughnessy please come to the office ” all when you are trying hard to blend in with the wall paper ! sorry john it was that or starve, any way all worked out well and he seems very content and happy, its a hard transitation to move from a nine class little country school to a 80 class town school, but nothing fazes john, thank god, he was the only boy in his class from junior infants also so that was hard, but john had a great bunch of friends right up through the years and I hope that there friendships will remain strong and I believe they always will, that class supported John in tough times keep a smile on his precious little face when I was in hospital and kept life simple by ticking away at school, to all his little friends and families I will be forever thankful to you all, I know kids say they don’t like school, but I see them over the summer and though we were blessed with lovely weather, they missed the company of their little friends, we had play dates and sleepover during the break and it was so nice to see them re connect with all the story of holidays and the different activities they were doing.
I remember the first day john started in big school, and I also remember a friends of tom’s mum saying to me that day, well olive that the fun years now, he will be on a timetable for the rest of his life, God it hit me, he is right, and funny enough I ran into him again last Monday a few hours after I left john to secondary school, I hadn’t seen him in ages, but the minute I saw him I thought of his words – life is a time table and you know never a truer word was spoken, we are all so scheduled, and at the end of the day all for what? I know we can’t all go around, one hand in pocket all the time, but did we ever stop for just one moment and actually take stock to what we are all rushing around crazy for, why does everything have to have a time labelled on it, I remember reading a story a while back and it has stayed with me also cause I sure could relate to this mum.
Like most morning it was a constant rush to get ready for work and daughter ready for school, no matter what time she would begin her day she always seems to be rushing at the last minute, this morning was no different, like a dog trying to catch his tale, she was simply getting no where fast, she lets a roar to the little girl to get into the car and belt up, the little girl ‘Orla’ was busy watching a feather, one shoe opened, school bag and jacket left at the door of car waiting for mum to put it in for her, hair half hearty brushed, but Orla was happy out watching the feather flutter in the morning breeze, “Orla for the last time will you get in, ill count to three and you better be in that car or we will never get there on time” Orla knew mum ment business, and jump into car and belted up, mum got into her seat and off they went on there merry way, a little frazzled no doubt, but no, it was all good Orla was at school on time and mum drove off to work, right on schedule, only just a few minutes later as mum was about half way to her 10 minute commute to work job, . she realised she had left her own lunch on the kitchen counter, all ready to go but now here timetable for the morning would be all out of sync, she was more than frustrated, on her return in to the back yard of her home, all of a sudden the little feather catch her stress out eye, a shot of guilt pierced her tummy, the feather, the beautiful feather dances around her back garden with out a care in the world, fluttering left and right, no timetable for this little dude, then her mind flashed back to Orla who was probable only standing out the school yard wait for a bell to schedule her time for the rest of the day, mum asked herself “what was more important to the child, what lesson had I just given to my daughter,, instead of yes orla look at the beautiful feather and see the beauty and mystery of nature, no mum had thought her to rush rush rush around, chasing our tale, getting no further on I might add, this lesson of life was put in their path that morning, at first it was a lesson gone unnoticed but thankful it did get noticed for the valuable lesson it was, and learned it was for sure, and maybe the next time we are rush we will think of our little friend the feather ask just ask the question – what are the benefit ?????? why are we rushing?

In a world were you can be anything – Be Yourself ! xxxxxx
by mycoffaith
Well Hello to all my dear friends,
And yet again I begin apologies to you for the delay in this blog, life is busy with kids off on summer holidays and I am trying hard to spend as much time as I possibly can with them, we have done a fun timetable for our days.
Movie Monday, Travelling Tuesday (visit nanna, grandad, granny etc, if I am not in for chemo), wonder of a book Wednesday (change library book and spend time reading, minimize technology) Arts and craft Thursday, Friends Friday (have a friend over) Saturday and Sunday we try and keep as family days, (not always possible, lots of birthday parties on Saturday, which is great, we also do baking and cooking on Saturday, with the kids taking turn to pick their favorite dinner and then they cook it, and we grade it – come dine with me job.
This timetable is good fun and they seem to enjoy the bit of structure and plan for the day, I know it works for me, it takes the pressure of me in trying to do a bit of everything, completing nothing, this structure keep them happy and smiling, mum and kids alike. x
We had Kevin’s 6th birthday, the day they finished up from school so we had hired the bounchy castle, there was real excitment, just as well It was huge castle as john had all the 5th and 6th class back here for little party the day they finished up, sound mental, but no I really have to credit the beautiful kids from the school in kilnadeema and praise and credit to parents, teachers and indeed village, such lovely young people, bless their little hearts they left the school jumped into lake then all of to supermacs and back to our house, the little angel went into Billy’s discount store and Beatty to buy something for Kevin because it was his birthday I mean how thoughful was that, Kevin was chuffed to bits, any way it was such a pleasure to have them and I really hope they’ll look back in years to come and have that day as a happy memory and a good time in their little lives.
I know John wont ever forget the last official day of school, (Thursday at 3pm), my wonderful friend came out from Galway on her 650 motor bike and brought him reving out from school on back of her bike, ah lads soooo cool, I think I was more impressed than the pillion but I love ever minute of it, thank yo so much Serina for doing this for john and mum lol, that ould biker in me cones to visit me ever no and again,the very best of time and fond memories.
I am dong very well at the moment – cancer wise, everything seems good, stable, I have a rib broke but didn’t have any pain at all, they spotted it doing my ct scan, don’t know how I manage to do that, but I am having difficulty with water retention, my heart echo came back all good there the so its a mystery to why it wont go, I think I might need to try alterative methods now, I reacon if anyone can solve this, it would be Denise, I think she is terrific, if you haven’t been to health an harmony you should treat yourself.
I will definatly get better at posting more, with my new timetable I really have no excuse.
To up date you all on book two, it is in the proof reading process, one of my wonderful committee members has read it, its going to another maybe today, then the main man John joe does the final proof read and we work from there, so please God we have another night out – to glam up and enjoy, so my friends, i’ll keep you posted on all, like I said earlier I am doing so well and its all down to ye’re support pray and love you have all given me, so thank you all so much, there no word to describe to you how very grateful I am to each and every one of you. Ye are just great, so don’t ever change, as the title of the blog said – in a world where you can be anything – be yourself.
Keep the faith
oliie xxx

St Pio Afternoon
by mycoffaith

Please feel free to print poster off and share

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Our Trip to Krakow – Auschwitz
by mycoffaith
Maggie and myself recently took a trip to beautiful Poland. I would highly highly recommend it, we enjoyed every moment, the people, the food, the hotel everything was 100%, we were treated so well, jump at the chance if you get it, you will not regret it, as part of the trip we took the tour to Auschwitz concentration camps, now this was some experience, unimaginable that million of people lost their precious lives there less that 70 years ago, it so sad. I wrote part of this poem on the bus back to the hotel, I hope it will give you an idea of some of the feeling and emotions that it arose in me.
War Crimes, Unimaginable Times
The mother – her purpose
Provide and Protect,
To Hilter – the family
Divide and dysect,
The land full of promise,
too good to be told,
Yet no one could imagine,
what horror unfold,
oh when did I realise
my land full of dreams
my vision, of beauty
was nothing as it seemed
The presents of evil
living comfortable here
while the other poor victims
lived in constant fear,
I was living this nightmare
unimaginable sorrow
no hope for today
no change for tomorrow
oh a sober experience
I’ve a story to tell
I never imagined
I’d tour living hell
Walk proudly in heaven
From this land now preserved
your safe now dear children
In paradise – so deserved

Say a little prayer for their very precious souls x
Keep the faith – always
Oliie xxxx

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Somebody’s getting married,
by mycoffaith
6am Friday
Ok I know its a tad early but I can’t sleep, one of best friend is getting married today, and I’m so excited, this girl has been my friend for many many fun filled years and to say shes one in a million would be selling her short !!!!!
She is one of the nicest girls you’d ever meet, terrific mum, daughter (i’m sure, to be clarified later) sister and work colleague, that’s where I met Frances, she volunteered her time to work with young people, she always reached out to meet the needs of the young person, always exceeding of what was expected for her, and never once complained.
Well I could ramble on for hours about Frances but I would like to dedicate this blog to Frances and her soon to be hubby Michael.
Micheal is just perfect for her, he is a loyal fun loving soul, which is the perfect match for her, I want to wish them health and happiness in their future together, and all the love in the world today an always, from my heart I want to thank you both for all the love and support ye have shown to me and my family through out the years.
Frances, Thank you most sincerely for being such a great friend to me down through the years, I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. our little holiday to Lourdes last year was one of the best holidays I ever took, it was such a special time, as I felt we really had the time to listen to each other, and unlike the many deep conversations we’d have at work and they were brilliant but the chats we’d have on hols into the early hours of the morning, were powerful, our friendship grew stronger over them 5 days, it was wonderful.
Its not easy to be in same company for 5 days and nights, so it just proves how strong our friendship base was and is, I was very lonely for you when I returned, (not that I wasn’t ready to parachute of the plane to see Tom and the kids) but I definitely missed you, and of course I missed the pranks on poor Hilary, sorry Hillary , it was all Frances’s idea to call America at some unearthly hour to say “top of the morning to ya” to say it was not the response we were hoping for!!!, lets just say we were lucky there is an vast ocean between us, -If Hillary didn’t murder us I confidently say Cody might have taken a shot, ah as I say I was the innocent by stander, desperately trying to stop the crazy American chick, hee hee,, what can I say, she is simply out of control – Good luck again Michael x

A couple of peral’s of wisdom i’d like to share with you all x
Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.
i’m 43 and I have so many unanswered questions
I still haven’t found out who let the dogs out…..
how to get to sesame street………
why dora doesn’t just use google maps ……(seeing as she’s such a smart ass)
why do all flavours of fruit loops taste exactly the same…………
how do they get the figs into the fig rolls……….
why does Donald Duck wear a towel after a shower yet never wears pants …………
why eggs are packaged in a flimsy carton………..
but batteries are secured in a plastic that’s tough as nails and light bulbs are also in a flimsy carton………..
ever buy a scissors? you need a scissors to cut into the packaging of scissors!
I still dong understand why there is braille on drive up ATMs or why is ‘abbreviated’ is such a long word, or why is there a D in fridge but not in refrigerator………
Why lemon juice is made with artificial flavour, yet washhoing up is made with real lemons…..
Why they sterilise the needle for lethal injections………..
And why do they have to ‘put your two cents in’ but it’s only a ‘penny for your thoughts’?
Where’s that extra penny going to???………..
Why do ‘The alphabet song’ and ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ have the same tune?
And why did you just try to sing those two previous songs?
There are so many unanswered question in life..
Ooh aint that the truth!!!
Life can really throw it at you, (as we all know) but ye have each other now from this day on, so stand united in the face of any obstacles along the way, as I say always say -look after you’re own nest first, share ye’re blessing, show gratitude every day, and remember love changes everything, so make sure ye honour and appreciate today and ye’re future together,I love you both to the moon and back.

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Learn from you’re past, live for today, hope for tomorrow
by mycoffaith
Hello my friends,
Again I am sorry for the delay in this blog, computer was in for repair and just got it back last Thursday, I am delighted to have it back, I am in the final rounds of proofing before I hand it over to my wonderful loyal committee for their valued opinion.
I am trying to come up with a good name for it, I think ‘The Olive branch ‘ volume 2 just doesn’t cut it!! please please offer me your suggestions, i’d be most grateful. the book is a pick of some journal entries over the last two years, its really about – sickness through the eyes of a mother, basically how you view life now, what’s important and what’s not, picking our battles, knowing when to let things go and when not to, there will also be a little secret there, I will reveal in the book only, It will shock you, and I am sure you will definitely have an opinion on it, it might be a shock for some and not so much for others. Now I am being cruel, cause I won’t say anymore, you’ll have to read it for yourself to know what I am talking about, hee hee, the mind boggles !!!!I am not a bad little sales person now, am I????????
I am feeling very well, I am having some scan done tomorrow, I didn’t think they worked weekends but seemingly they do, fair play I am not complaining.
As always I am refusing to be a slave to the sickness, and I intend to drive into clinic myself, I am able to drive most morning to the school, but once I take the afternoon meth and tablets, I get very tired very quickly so I rarely drive if at all possible.
We had a lovely Easter break, despite the horrible weather, we chilled out and made the most of it, tom and kids are in top form, I find if I am in a good mood, it rubs off on them, most mother are the emotional back bone of the family, a domino effect if you like. I had a lovely experience the other day, I was chatting to a mum who was dropping her son over for a play date, john had been to their house the previous week, and she was telling me that the boys were playing a game at the dinner table as they were eating, they were asking the question, if your house was on fire (heaven forbid) what would be the three items you would save, the lads were saying their play stations, wii games etc, so she was throwing an ear on the conversation, when it was Johns turn, his first thing he would save was his mum, oh my pet !! I was moved to tears, could a mum ask for anything else. smart boy, we were having a mammy/son mini break the next day, I like to take the kids away indivually , in order for them to spend a little time with me with no interuptions, we book into Sheridan hotel, in athlone, went shopping (oh boys are so different to girls, kate had the two feet walked of me the week before) but that what I like about this hotel, the shopping centre and hotel all under the same roof, so it very handly for me, I have no driving to do once I park up in the early afternoon till the next day, and I can throw bags up in the room, instead of carting the around all day, its a win win situation.
His lovely statement about saving me served him well, we had a fantastic time, a real little gentleman, wining and dining me.
raising our beautiful kids, can be hard work and challenging at times, but we receive the best paid salary in the land, – unconditional unquestionable love.
I have been keeping my self busy with my crafts and jewelry, and now dappling my feet into some poetry writing if you don’t mind, I feel this cancer has really been driving me creatively, good or bad, I really enjoy doing it and it keeps me out of trouble.
the earth without art, would be just eh !! Here are two that I like the best, tell me what ya think? I wont be offended !!
You choose

lost between the shadows,

lost in all the madness,

life filled up with sadness

let the light in.

questioning mortality

slipply slop my reality,

losing grip of my sanity

let the light in.

my poision justiiable,

Only means of survival

tell me who is applyable

TO let the light in – You Choose.

In Memory and Admiration of my warrior Emma
She shun like a beacon
as bright as could be
revealing her sickness
for the whole world to see.
it can’t have been easy.
it can’t have been kind
simple love for her family
its what kept her alive
she gave it her utmost
she fought for her life
now the curtain have fallen
the music has died.
good night my dear Emma
time to put down the pen
loving memories printed
till we meet you again xxx
by Olive Shaughnessy
God bless you all, keep the faith
Oliie xx with love


Interview from Galway Bay FM
by mycoffaith
Interview from Galway Bay FM today (26th of March). Starts at approx 122 minutes into the below link.
Click here: Olive’s Interview

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Oh What a night !
by mycoffaith
Hello my lovely friends,
What a weekend, Rehab, The people of the year Awards, last Friday night, 9th March.
I still can’t believe that I have had the honour to be part of something so brilliant and to get to stand beside such terrific selfless people.
To name a few, Catherine Corbott, the lady, (and a lady she is) who shone light on the tragic story of the tuam babies, a local histroian and geneclogist, was researching for a college project, I believe, discovered the deaths records for 796 children ranging in ages, infants to 9 years olds.
There is no record of their burial ground, after the home closed in the 1960’s, two young boys were playing, near a unused septic tank, there was broken concrete reveling a hole in which the boys discoverwd to their horror, human bones, the boys as boys do, continued to explore and discovered that the hole was filled to the brim with bones.
Catherine worked tirelessly to have a headstone or plague erected to mark the lives of the little innocent children. I admire her drive and dedication to the cause, so to be put in the one bracket as Catherine is an great honour.
Also to be awarded with the rugby legend John Muldoon is just wonderful.
John is so greatly admired as a terrific rubgy player and brought so much joy and pride to Portumna, in John’s own words when one hears the word “Portumna” we automatically think hurling (and rightly so, we are very proud of our hurlers) but John is not only a brilliant rubgy player, he is a lovely lad, always ready to chat to his fans and pose for endess photo’s, he is a dedicated family man, anxiously awaiting the birth of his first baby, I wish John every success in his future, and I hope as he hangs up the rubgy boots in his retirement, he enjoys picking up the booties and bottles of little baby Muldoon, God bless you all.
The Oscars are only trotting behind the Rehab Awards, we were treated like royalty, to start the evening, we had a drink reception at 7pm in the Galway Bay Hotel in Salthill, the glamourous guests started arriving before 7, there was a two piece bands playing to get the party started, this hour was a great opportunity for the people to mingle and at 7:50 we were all asked to go to the main function room to get settled and ready to go live on air – Galway Bay fm. from 8-9 pm. the wonderful Keith Finnegan the event, it comes so natural to Keith , he has the ability to put one at ease, you almost forget that their in 200 people looking at you and God knows how many listening to you. My biggest problem here is knowing when to stop talking !!!!
I was number 10 out of 12 people to be inteviewed, suprisily enough I was not as all nervous, my only concern was woud I be able to manage the step up to the stage, but my wonderful son John asked if I needed help, bless him, I was delighted, he came up with me, not only did I feel confident that John would mind me but I was so happy John could be part of the whole experience after all this award I see as a joint effort and award for my whole family.
Tom, and the kids are my heros so the beautiful Galway Crystal Award is for my husband, my mum and my four beautiful kids, who without fail is always by my side.
Heartfelt thanks and big hugs, to my army of brilliant family and friends who came on the night to help me celebrate, and indeed celebrate we did, love you guys, until the next event…….
Love to you all,
Pictures will follow soon, hopefully next week when I get a chance to download.
Keep the Faith


I’m Back
by mycoffaith
Hello People,
Its been awhile, too long, I got dishearten last November when I was blogging away only to realised that only some where getting notified, not still really sure what the problem was but I am going to give it another go, as I am delighted to say that it is being requested, I was in at the Galway Novena with my good friend Michelle last Monday and was approached by two ladies {not together} asking about the blog, so it’s nice to think that people do enjoy it and hopefully it is giving a little hope to people who might be needing it.
I confess there is another reason also that I have decided to start up again, Emma Hannigan, (as a lot of you might know) has been a lady that I greatly respect and follow, it was her book – Speak to the headscarf, that help me in the first few weeks of my dignoses, she is a young wife and mother of two children (not children any more) who was struck down with cancer many years ago, she was and is a very positive person and unlike my story, she would get the remission result and then just as the dust would settle she would be struck down again, bless poor Emma, I am not sure I could cope with that, I believe this last round was up on number 14 dignoses or something as crazy as that, anyway last weekend, Emma took to the blog to inform her many many followers, that there was nothing else that the doctors can do for her, her words “they have thrown everything bar the kitchen sink, there is nothing more they can do” she was saying a farewell to her followers and she literally broke my heart as her a kick ass attitude really did me good, and I don’t want to see her give up, but it made me think if I was only to give just one person a lift with my ramblings then that’s worth committing to and I will, (they say there are two kinds of people in this world, the givers and the takers, the taker may eat better but its the givers that sleep better – nice !!!! I know which one I prefer to be, I think i will commit to a blog on a Sunday, it is a good day for blogging , when I hope we are all taking a little me time and relaxing. We have a lovely new priest in our parish (not that our last one, was not lovely, he was) our new priest tell us every week after mass to make sure and not work too hard and make sure to take regular breaks and make time to talk to others, I love this and feel that it is great advice, it might only be a few minutes from your busy over scheduled day, but you might achieve more in them few minutes than you will galloping around trying to catch your tail for the rest of the day, and indeed maybe its not about achieving anything at all, just a little time for your self to just breath, and take time to recharge them overheated batteries. Did you ever notice that sometimes more progress is made with less effort.
I did chemo number 54 last week, I am on what you call a maintenance chemo, it is not claiming to be killing or curing the cancer but maintenance it and keeping it at bay from my organs, and doing a mighty bloody job as far as I’m concerned, I was in for my three month check up last week and they are very happy with me, now three years on, thank God.
As always I meet the most fascinating people on my chemo days, varying in ages, lifestyles, careers, but people is people and behind the walls of a oncology ward, we are all very much stripped down of egos and our mortality and our realities prove to serves us very very well. It funny, I have noticed of late that we (we as cancer warriers) speak of how “How People” do be complaining of insignificant thing such as weather, money, or lack of it !!! etc and we (the wise) sit back in our smug judgmental stance, thinking – oh we know it all ????
as if!!!, indeed isn’t just human nature to air our gripes in life, it sometime helps to do just that, and indeed the weather is sometimes, just something to say, a conversation starter at its best, I mean who can’t talk about the rain !!!! – it is Ireland!
now its one thing to occasionally air our gripes but it is another to be one of these people who believe that ever event in the history of the universe is out to bite them and only them ( x 500 compare to everyone else) in their misfortunate ass!!!! these people believe that life comes at them from all angels and it is all out of their control. They blame others for the things that do not work out in their life’s and though these event have a reoccurring pattern it is not seen that maybe just maybe it might be something that they are doing themselves.
the important question to be asked here, is “who is always at the scene of the crime?” – who actions are creating the same ould result ??? the mind boggles, lol !!
the answer is, that each one of us are responsible for what is happening in our own lives, it is what we are doing that is creating our own reality,- our thoughts, our behaviour that is shaping and governing our own reality.
My dear friends, I am mindful that I am rabbiting on and if I do intent to blog every sunday, I best not make it a feast or famine of thought, best leave something for next week, oh its good to be back.
Thank you all for you’re never failing prayers, you’re heartfelt good wishes and constant support, to me and my family, there is no words to tell you all how grateful I am, and how healing it is for me.
-Thank you
Keep the faith
Oliie xx


Things aren’t always as they seem
by mycoffaith
Hello my dear friend,
Yet again, a well over due blog, my apologies its a busy time of year.
I am in top form thank god, but am slightly laid up at Mo – only slightly!!!!!
I was doing a bit of exercise, and doing well, but when is that ever good enough for olive!! I had to push it of course, we had a wedding to go to and I was trying to loose about 3 stone in about 2 weeks, (yea I know) any who as always I had to push it and ouch – 4 stress fractures on my left foot. its not painful, truthfully the only painful part is the not being able to go freely about my day, not really meant to be bearing any weight on it, but its next to impossible to be able to do that but I really am trying . So as ye can imagine I am only going to be concerned about keeping the cancer under control a few broken bones isn’t going to stop or stress me in anyway, bones heal and anyone who takes a trip into the bone clinic in melin park hospital any Thursday will be in no doubt that hundreds of people break bones ever minute and every hour of the day, we recover, not the end of the world.
So I’m back to blinking square one again, with the exercise situation, any suggestion greatly appreciated, never in a million years did I ever think id struggle this much to shift weight, I am finding it soooo frustrating. its such an eye opener to how quick we are to judge others and become experts in their lives/health and wellbeing, all to often id see someone over weight and immediately draw to the conclusion “lazy, spoilt, afraid to exert themselves, not for one moment would I have looked at them with compassion or an understanding that there just might be something else going on in their lives. I see this all the time now, and its a lesson I have learned well, but there is a lot of people in a place of ignorance still and no fault of their own, eg public bathrooms is one of my biggest grips, the picture of a person on a wheelchair symbolising disability just drives me crazy as it stems so much further, Kate and myself had a mammy/daughter day out there a few weeks ago, I need to use the bathroom and preceded to the disability bathroom, as I have every right to do and in this event its the bathroom that I needed to use, as I left there was a young man in a wheelchair and his partner waiting outside, the dirty looks started, I was feeling uncomfortable, I smiled at the lady and then asked my Kate is f she would hold the door for them, she smiled back and said that she would reverse in and as we walked away, I started to feel an need to explain myself to her, with that she called me back, I thought to myself oh here we go, she’ll read me the rights, i’ll be mortified, but to my shock, this lovely lady ask if Kate would like a little smurf doll that she had got in burger king ,she was so kind to kate, and Kate was delighted with her Smurf. Not sure what other watching was thinking. but I really wish we could get that message out there that disability is not only for wheelchair users, we must open our minds, and understand that they may be fighting their own battle without any wheelchair or aids and are fortunate enough not to be lookin sick in the processes.
for a dear much xxxx
Love olive

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