Well Hello to all my dear friends,

And yet again I begin apologies to you for the delay in this blog, life is busy with kids off on summer holidays and I am trying hard to spend as much time as I possibly can with them, we have done a fun timetable for our days.

Movie Monday, Travelling Tuesday (visit nanna, grandad, granny etc, if I am not in for chemo), wonder of a book Wednesday (change library book and spend time reading, minimize technology) Arts and craft Thursday, Friends Friday (have a friend over) Saturday and Sunday we try and keep as family days, (not always possible, lots of birthday parties on Saturday, which is great, we also do baking and cooking on Saturday, with the kids taking turn to pick their favorite dinner and then they cook it, and we grade it – come dine with me job.

This timetable is good fun and they seem to enjoy the bit of structure and plan for the day, I know it works for me,  it takes the pressure of me in trying to do a bit of everything, completing nothing, this structure keep them happy and smiling, mum and kids alike. x

We had Kevin’s 6th birthday, the day they finished up from school so we had hired the bounchy castle, there was real excitment, just as well It was huge castle as john had all the 5th and  6th class back here for  little party the day they finished up, sound mental, but no I really have to credit the beautiful kids from the school in kilnadeema and praise and credit to parents, teachers and indeed village, such lovely young people, bless their little hearts they left the school  jumped into lake then all of to supermacs and back to our house, the little angel went into Billy’s discount store and Beatty to buy something for Kevin because it was his birthday I mean how thoughful was that, Kevin was chuffed to bits, any way it was such a pleasure to have them and I really hope they’ll look back in years to come and have that day as a happy memory and a good time in their little lives.

I know John wont ever forget the last official day of school,  (Thursday at 3pm), my wonderful friend came out from Galway on her 650 motor bike and brought him reving out from school on back of her bike, ah lads soooo cool, I think I was more impressed than the pillion but I love ever minute of it, thank yo so much Serina for doing this for john and mum lol, that ould biker in me cones to visit me ever no and again,the very best of time and fond memories.

I am dong very well at the moment – cancer wise, everything seems good, stable, I have a rib broke but didn’t have any pain at all, they spotted it doing my ct scan, don’t know how I manage to do that, but I am having difficulty with water retention, my heart echo came back all good there the so its a mystery to why it wont go, I think I might need to try alterative methods now, I reacon if anyone can solve this, it would be Denise, I think she is terrific, if you haven’t been to health an harmony you should treat yourself.

I will definatly get better at posting more, with my new timetable I really have no excuse.

To up date you all on book two, it is in the proof reading process, one of my wonderful committee members has read it, its going to another maybe today, then the main man John joe does the final proof read and we work from there, so please God we have another night out – to glam up and enjoy, so my friends, i’ll keep you posted on all, like I said earlier I am doing so well and its all down to ye’re support pray and love you have all given me, so thank you all so much, there no word to describe to you how very grateful I am to each and every one of you. Ye are just great, so don’t ever change, as the title of the blog said – in a world where you can be anything – be yourself.

Keep the faith

oliie xxx

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