hello folks,
im so excited to announce that book Number 2 is gone to print today, “Miracles and milestones, on my cancer journey’ and will be launched on Thursday 14th of March (Thursday before St Patrick Day) in Loughrea Hotel and spa @ 8pm. I know this book or indeed the 1st book, ‘my olive branch, my second chance’ would never have been printed with out the support and love I received from my terrefic family, my committee, dear friends and wonderful community.
That boils down to U and from the deepest depths of my heart I thank you most sincerely. xx
have no doubt you all contribute in a massive way to my health and healing, I feel such love from you all, and I never feel I’m alone I know I have all my soldiers battling this horrible infliction with me, behind me and beside me. for this I say a simple but heart felt – thank you
When I have the pleasure to meet people in town when I’m shopping or out with kidies, I just love when people start to chat to me ( kids not always over joyed as mum talks for the day or so I’m told) but I know when people tell me that they pray for me, Tom and kids I know they are sincere because I’m doing so well. I have a big scan on Friday with results on the following Thursday so I would appreciate a little pray that I may carry on with my lovely life, need nothing more I am happy and content with my patch, and please God, that will be the will of God.

Now the book is gone to print, I am concentrating on this baby, www.cancerconnection.ie, has been my dream since last summer, when myself and my son John (aged 12yrs then) came up with idea on a mum/john night away, we were chatting over dinner when it took on a life of its own and I have been like a dog with a bone since I really really believe it will help cancer warriors a great deal, it is a place to open up to others who completely understand what they are going through, no judgments just love and support.
all I need now is for people, any one who is carrying the cross of cancer, a career, a spouse, a sibling, a friend anyone who has any question, suggestion or just wants to chat, that the objective of cancerconnection, so register if you can and lets spread the word, its free so there is nothing to lose, but remember to REGISTER not log on, because then your a member and will reap all the benefits, and also remember if you register you don’t have to type a word till your comfortable but by this you see what being discussed and maybe it might reignite something for you.

keep the faith


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